Here you’ll find guides, resources and use cases that will help you integrate with Voyado in order to deliver personalized customer interactions across email, mobile, SMS, social, and web.

Here we’ll explain the Integrate with Voyado context, section by section.


This section walks you through everything from our integration principles to how to get started with integrating your platform to Voyado.


This covers the core of Voyado, our Contacts. We’ll guide you through everything connected to a contact, as well as a detailed walk-through of the most common contact integration scenarios.


Covers a transaction made by a contact, be it a purchase or return. This includes our guiding principles, setting things up and the most common scenarios.

Send order communication

Guides you through the concept of transactional communication, explaining the Orders API endpoint and we’ll walk you though the most common transactional communication scenarios.


This covers promotions, the omnichannel aspect and when to do what and how. We also clarify misconceptions, commonly found in ECOM projects.

Rewards and vouchers

Here we walk you through the reward module and the reward voucher concept, how to retrieve a reward voucher per contact and how to redeem a reward voucher.

Web activity tracking

This section covers our web activity tracking concept, how we handle products of interest and shopping cart changes. We guide you through the initial setup and show simple implementation examples.